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The Up-Here Trimmer 

Safely keep your nostrils and ear holes tidy.




Avoid unsightly nose and ear hairs with this waterproof trimmer. Features a three-dimensional arch cutter head design with open slits to capture hairs from all directions without hurting your nose or ear cavities. Comes with a cleaning brush, USB cable for charging, and a built in auxiliary light to make trimming quick and easy.


The Up-Here Trimmer Fine Print

How to Use

Easily connect the two parts of the Trimmer with the blade-side facing up, and press the cutters back until it clicks. The Trimmer comes with two adjustable guide combs built to trim to your preferred length.


9000 RPM

Built-In Light

30 Minute Run-Time

Why You’ll Love It

The Up-Here Trimmer makes it easy to keep your nose and ears free of too-long hairs. The three-dimensional arch cutter head is safely designed to catch and trim unwanted hairs, no matter what direction they’re going. It’s lightweight and portable, so you never have to worry about being stuck with an embarrassing nose hair for long.

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